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Moneyback Guarantee

The driving force behind is customer satisfaction as such requests for refunds are quite rare. However, there are instances when a client might request for a refund. We are a transparent company and our main aim is to ensure your overall experience working with us is a satisfactory one. It is precisely for this reason that we provide a clear guideline on situations and circumstances that warrant a refund.

  1. Cancellation of order-If you want to cancel an order you just placed and we have not assigned a writer to work on it, we will give you a refund.
  2. No writer available to work on your order-While we always strive to find the perfect writer for your order, there are instances when we don’t find one. If this happens, you will be entitled to a refund.
  3. Payment error-When you make an error which includes but is not limited to paying for 2 or more orders that are similar or making payment for a similar order twice.
  4. Late delivery-If the order is not delivered within the stipulated time and you don’t need it anymore we will give you a refund but not deliver the paper. In such instances, you are not supposed to use documents sent earlier. Please, note that this rule does not apply to late revisions.

Varying percentage money back

  1. If you paper is delivered after your set deadline and you are still interested in getting it, you can lodge a claim for refund and cite lateness. For late deliveries, we set a new price which depends on the time you received the paper. This refund is calculated on the basis of the original and new payment for the paper.
  2. If you believe the paper delivered is unsatisfactory or substandard, which is rare you can make a request for revision at no extra charge or alternatively request we pick another writer for the order. In such instances, you can also request our support staff to place it on ‘dispute. In such instances, you can request a refund though there are a couple of things you need to note.
  3. You will have to provide sincere and strong reasons for a refund or your dispute
  4. We will need time to resolve the dispute. Our customer support team will send the paper to the quality assurance team and they will get in touch with the assigned writer and/or make requests for extra sources to validate your claim.

Refunds offered for disputed orders vary as such there are no fixed percentages for this. We resolve and analyze each case separately.

Please note when you receive 100% refund on any order you automatically lose all the rights to that paper as well. This also includes any rights you might have had on material/resources sent earlier. We retain the copyright of such papers and resources/materials. If you use such papers, they will reveal 100% plagiarism that leads back to this site.