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How to Create Perfect College Essay?

College Essay Essentials

Admissions essay is the obvious way to reveal your personality to the admissions committee. Everyone knows that and still not so many students use this opportunity, copying the information about their achievements from their resume. Admissions essay – is your chance to show them who you are and what you are, show your writing and presentation skills and prove that you will be valuable addition to the students community.

If you want to craft top-notch essay, follow these tips:

  • The topic of the essay should be well-thought-out
  • When you have no clear notion how to start your essay, just sit and think about your strong points as a personality. Defining your strengths could be a nice start of working. Do not forget to take notes during the thinking process.

  • Create the first draft
  • Look through your notes – select the most important ones and create an outline out of them. Remember, that every idea requires solid argumentation, so think about supporting examples. Start writing your draft only after the outline. And don’t try to make it perfect from the word go – it is impossible, trust us. Don’t bother about mistakes or inconsistency of thoughts – write as you think, there will be time to polish everything.

  • The essay should consist of three parts
  • Ideal structure of the essay should be as follows:

    • Introductory paragraph that explains the purpose of your paper
    • Body of the text: several paragraphs with sub-themes that support your main idea
    • Conclusion: One paragraph that summarizes all said above
  • The paper should be specific
  • You have to add your personal twist to the paper – the topic of the paper should somehow concern your personal qualities. Make sure that all theses you write support this point of view.

  • Be creative
  • You have no idea how many similar topics admissions officers read every year. Use your imagination and writing skills, but!

  • Be honest
  • Be honest and be yourself. Admissions committee is experienced enough to know the length of your foot in case if you are lying.

  • Show your paper to someone who knows essentials of good writing
  • Feedback is crucial. So show your draft to teacher or a friend who can give useful piece of advice. But make adjustments only in case if you feel that they are appropriate.

  • Thoroughly proofread the paper
  • Make sure that the paper is free of typos and any other mistakes. It would be a sound solution to ask others to proofread the paper.