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Great Tips for Easy SAT Essays

If you are taking the SAT in 2015, it is obligatory that you write an essay. In the further years the exam structure will change, so the following tips apply for this year SAT. And you will be surprised by the fact you can actually prepare for the essay – it can be the easiest part of SAT, especially with our recommendations.

The SAT essay is graded by the general impression the essay makes, which means the ETS graders will not spend more than five minutes for checking your writing – there are the main points that really matter. And here are the ways to score!

Size is actually important

For the essay in SAT you have about 45 lines – it is better if you try to fill all of them as long as graders love longer writings. Yet, keep in mind that you ONLY have 45 lines, and you will not be given additional sheet of paper, so don’t ramble about.

Keep tidy

Even though good handwriting is not really a thing today, at SAT do yourself a favor and write as legibly as possible. Keep in mind that graders are people too, and they read lots of essays daily. So, it is quite simple – if they cannot decipher your script, you will get a much lower grade.

Use big words

It is important yet might be tricky – big and strong words have good influence on graders, and sprinkling your essay with them will be quite helpful. You could do this to intro and conclusion, but be sure you know the meaning of each word and use them correctly.

Use paragraphs

Keep in mind the general structure of an essay with intro paragraph, body and conclusion. Also, be sure that your body paragraphs support the argument and thesis of your essay. Specific examples will help here – you can use any suitable ones, either from literature or your own experience. In conclusion briefly summarize your thesis but don’t repeat the main ideas.